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The Nazi's are already here

This iteration of the Reich is lead by the Persians with the Aga Khan at the helm.

His Lieutenants are leftist leaders.

His militia is the interest group communities that make up the network of civil society.

He uses civil society to pressure institutions leading to resource strain and exhaustions.

Using this exhaustion he parades it to the public under the guise of institutional failings.

Driving the public to demand change ushers in the opportunity to seize institutions under the banner of management.

Infiltration starts transitioning national institutions and resources against the people.

To quote the Aga Khan: "Spreading Islamic ideals through institutional action".

This is not only Islam conquering us but it is Islam conquering pursuant of hereditary control.

Aga Khan is a Shia Islamic leader and Shia Islam is the hereditary form of Islam.

Furthermore, Aga Khan see the labour bound to voluntary action.

The Aga Khan is a colonizing the world into Islamic hereditary based system with volunteer labour.

Basically we are going back to the dark ages.

I will end with a quote from the Aga Khan: "If not given what I want all will be removed".

Welcome to all being removed.

Let ensure he never becomes our authority,

I would rather starve than knee to this man,

Everyone needs to understand a Nazi is a socialist not a nationalist.

The conservatives of yesterday are the ones who destroy the Nazi's.

Anyone who would trying to make you see it any other way is an enemy.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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