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The left is the only one with hate - They are socialist Nazi's.

I ask you to consider for a moment. When socialist and communist take control they kill millions of their own. How many can be sacrificed in order to take control?

Staged hit has the domestic labeled terrorist and our colonist victims. How to be play like a fool, by a bait and switch.

The switch being switching out the controlling culture of our nation and by extension its authority.

Our new master will soon be coming over the horizon./ Get ready to take a knee and to the women make sure you faces are covered.

This is what it will be soon and the many cheered for because they respond to expression and not the root of the problem.

To quote the enemy at the helm: "western greed and ignorance is my greatest weapon". Greed is pandered to by paying for ignorance.

Not just any type of ignorance but ignorance that is married to arrogance rooted in empathetic reasoning.

This peice was inspired by this article

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