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The leader becomes the kick me dog and no asks why

If find it interesting is how people see Trudeau as anything more than a Muppet. I have be telling you all he is a Jihadi Lieutenant of the Persian 4th Reich. Leaders of nations and industry are also part of the Reich and their pursuit of hereditary control.

So I ask how does the leader (Trudeau) become a scapegoat and rebranding tools of so many actors and stakeholders of the agenda. It means he carries less power and authority than those who are utilizing the 'leaders' as a kick me dog.

A great example is the Finance minster and health Canada. The finance minster, Bill Morneau was responsible for approval and signing of on all national expenditures. Our greatest national dilemma is financial and somehow Mr. Morneau is not accountability because of Trudeau.

Trudeau is accountable for this mess but how is Mr. Morneau able to use Trudeau to scapegoat his own? Who do you think would be force to take responsivity by becoming a tool of marketing, the dominate or a subordinate?

I am leaning to the latter. The captain never sinks with his ship. He has deck hands to do it. Do leaders ride into the battle of a war. No they sit in a tower or bunker protecting self and sacrificing the they hold perceived authority over.

A great example of a fake leader being turned into the kick me or tool, is with Health Canada. From Administrative executive to nurse and all those in between have spend the last 3 years weaponizing our health and the therapies associated to manage and make better our health.

Exploiting the general populations failure to understand basic sciences and legal rights, they took that which we been as having great importance and turned in against us using uncertainty of approach and methods to set in motion deep seated fear.

I ask you all to consider for a moment, where do you think this fear can now be generated, cultivated, and generalized for and against us?

One has to consider how can a villain rebrand? Well a villain can take on the characteristics of a victim. Victimization of others, especially the weak and vulnerable is what villains do.

Why are we the people willing to buy the hype and trends. We cannot forgive nor can we forget, yet we are proving that all it takes is a scapegoat with a perceived sense of authority and an ad campaign. We need to expose and reveal who is the puppets and the puppeteers.

That is where these fraud influencers come in. Court Jesters and kick me dogs driving the narrative. To think these media personalities are there getting the general population lost in details and allow for scapegoats to come to fruition in there fullest form and fashion. This is the cost of the soft sell and getting lost in the details.

I have to ask, who holds more accountability. Is it the ill intended interventionists who pushing for goals, opportunities and utility or is it those who knowingly mislead the the people into self risk or harm? I think those who mislead the public. Like a doctor misusing influence and authority over a patience is in principle the same when an influencers does it.

We need to identify who the enemies really are and our need for a hero is allowing for the enemy to infiltrate us with a continuation of their ill intent and interest. If complex social change is what you want and freedom is that which you seek, the responsibility is rooted in spotting the ill intended interventionist.

Lets spot buying what is being sold. Lets bring accountability to all actors. It is time to clean the swamp.

This piece was inspired by this video

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