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The KKK rebranding

Here is an article where a young man has put forth an action either because he does not understand what it means or it is a staged event and he is an actor developing a narrative discourse.

This young man has burned a cross in as an act of agression and intimidation and as a narrative tool to rebrand The Ku Klux Klan.

Come to think about it the Ku Klux Klan is a great example of rebranding and the power of media and media personalities to do so.

I ask you this, when did a cross become a symbol of race?

The burning of the cross is not an attack on racialized groups as the cross bring all colour and creeds together as one.

The reason why the cross was burnt was a act against the Roman Catholic church and the KKK is a protestant group standing in defence of the expansion of the Roman Catholic church.

The only reason you think this is a white supremacy group is because of that Court Jester Geraldo. He is the marketer paid by the Roman Catholic church to rebrand them as a white supremacy group.

The power of media and the characters to act as the ultimate marketing and branding tool. Just think about it for a moment, Gillette was a bankrupt company with a shaving product that no one wanted,

With their last handful of cash they paid Babe Ruth to state he love Gillette razors. That bankrupted razor company went from liquidation to being the biggest razor company in a 24hr period.

They are like Pied Pipers getting us all to scream slogans and march to trends. This is their value and the reason we must frame such characters as Jesters and not hero's or gods.

So to burn cross is not an act of racism. It is an express of a religious group right to exist and it is for this reason that we should question the interest and intent of the action itself. It is being sold on a false characterization.

We are all victims to the lowest common denominator but it should take more than a hate to define ones characters and existence. If we are limited to a superficial understand anyone can put on a hat parade as another and make them accountable for the acts of an outsider of infiltrator.

January 6th storming of the capital really lends itself to this issue. All it took was the fleet of actors to wear a MAGA hat and while holding the American flag to make the many see a production as an act of hostility and aggression.

Lets be more than the lowest common denominator and understand the identity that actually sits behind the mask or hat. If we fail to do so an interventionist can than misrepresent and rebrand that which characterized group and individual.

Lets stop screaming slogans and marching to trend. Lets end the Pied Pipers tune.

To be honest, there is not a single white supremacy group out there. There is the KKK but that is a faith based group with nothing to do with race. Than there is a neo-Nazi and I like many others are nationalist not socialist so the Nazi is the enemy.

So I ask every one of every colour and creed. who represents Whitey?

This piece was inspired by this article

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