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The irony of internet censorship

People realize that if you are hearing them they are part of these elites.

See speakers have to reveal is they are sponsored by a corporation but they do not have to disclose if they are sponsored by a not-for-profit or an NGO. Most of speakers are nothing more than soft selling culture which would carry not-for-profit interest.

Just think about it there are lawyers, doctors, and even scientist that have pandered to your fears and interest for years now. They have used the mandates as a tool of marketing not to spread insights and information to the masses.

Here is what lead me to being isolated to my website.

First is the fact that a medical therapy of any type to be offered to the masses must first go through a 10 year longitudinal test establishing causality as a remedy. Within that study 50% are a control group as the control is what established causality. Certification for mass application is dependent on its completion.

Second it the fact that we have a constitutional right awarded by our charter of rights and freedom in Canada and is shared across western nations. That right is the right to refusal. No one can force you to take a medical therapy or remedy.

A breach or amendment of these rights and standards are illegal acts and carries with it immense criminal, civil, and occupational consequences. So to those who are vaccinated, do you know what group you are part of, have immense legal opportunities available to them and have these since the onset.

Now ask yourself, why did none of the lawyers, doctors, scientist, and even influencers inform the public of this over the 3 years we have been going through this fear, concern, and unsettling?

They didn't tell anyone because they work for those who are doing this to you and that is why you hear the. Your hero's are Muppets soft selling you our enemies narrative. If it really was about 'the people' Why did they not try to protect and reassure 'the people'.

It is time we wake up, Here is Canada we have Bill-C11 which is a censorship bill, is not a new tactic of censorship but rather old techniques being institutionalized and carrying with them the weight and thrust of the courts.

It is amazing that the influencers that went to speak against it are now speaking for it in an attempt to minimize concern. I guess the value of 'the people' is worth less than the paycheck.

This piece was inspired by this video

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