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The Industry Bends to Your Every Demand

Is this now what a Court Jester becomes when they no longer make us laugh?

I would like to start out with stating black entertainers of yesterday where incredibly talented and deserving of the privileges that they enjoyed. Contemporary trash media is by no means comparable to that of yesterday.

Cendric the Entertainer stated in the movie Get Shorty: "We(black community) have influenced every faucet of white America...your basic imitation of our sense of cool". This is quiet the accomplishment and would not doubt it from observation alone. One has to be asking, how was this achieved?

At its core, your influence and in part your success stems from your community being allowed to sell adult content to children. Making the inaccessible accessible from the standpoint of a child. Black entertainment has devolved into the self destructive messaging and imagery.

Victimhood has been your means to ends, and for this reason it is why the calls of victimhood have only become louder. Not just louder but the means to complex social change for all interest group communities. This claim of victim status has become an exceptional tool for the exploitation of the superficial and conceptual.

Take for example the ESRB rating. An expression of social concern but is merely for legality acting as disclaimer and not a regulator. Is anyone age restricted from purchasing? Not only are they not restricted from the point of purchase but other forms of media promote such content. Going as far as the creation of music based television stations. The unfortunate causality of the onset of the music video was not the death of the radio star but the sales of personality and not talent.

Lets not get into awards shows and it being nothing outside of a marketing tool. Production houses institutionalizing celebrity through the buying of public interest, positioning the talent as a body of authority. All sold to the public under false pretenses. The reality of media is that the court jester no longer tells jokes but rather sells you products, services and ideas. To quote the president of the Advertising Association of America: "my job is to tell your kids what to think and how to behave".

Another example of exploitation of concept(s) is within the legal framework defining artistic expression. Your community has caused the line of standards to be blurred so intensely that making a distinction between art and pornography is almost impossible. I ask, is there another community that presents filth as art? I have yet to see one, especially one with such counterintuitive and counterproductive expressions relating to cultural icons.

Which get to the larger issue at hand. That being a cultural distinction that truly differentiates the black community from all others. Making them a unique type of persons. Your communities gains made through entertainment has illustrated a cultural characteristic that is problematic for many, if not all. Your communities failure when confronting the personal question of 'can' vs 'should' I.

It appear that regardless of the cost, so long as you are getting paid nothing else seems to matters. The illustrious words of WuTang Clan - C.R.E.A.M: "Cash rules everything around me". So many have proven this to be their personal and communal philosophy. I don't blame the community at large for this short coming.

People have been lead astray by the influence of individuals with ill intent. As individuals you have had you greed pandered to by having your ignorance paid for. The saddest part is the means of payment are for the darkest corners of industry.

Now when you mature in the dark shadows or industry and you than break into standard mass markets you bring with you those shadow practices. It is time you as a community break away from those influences and empty promises. Take responsibility for your actions and your community will be better for it.

Your resolve can be found, like so many others, through the promotion of: class, integrity, and respect for self and others. When we place an appropriate value of human life, sky is the limit.

Think like a king and not a peasant - wealth is realized through people and not a bank balance. Remember money is the motivator of the poor and simple. I assume you and all others are neither poor nor simple.

If you responded to the concept of 'poor' with you ideas of bank balance you just proved my point.

‘Black Music Is the Blueprint, Yet We’re Consistently Erased From Our Own Culture’ (Guest Column) (

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