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The immigration issue in Canada is a colonial process

The article linked below claims that the issue isn't Roxam Road but the the refugee board.

The board is the issues as they are Muppets for the Global Centre for Pluralism, and its found the Aga Khan, who is the leader of the Persian 4th Reich.

This is a war strategy and immigration and interest groups is his militia and strategy. This is how you conquer and colonize a democracy.

The sad part and to be honest what pisses me off as a Canadian, is the fact that our land is being conquered not because the land or the people but because we are a geopolitical position need to conquer America.

Really, that is all we are worth a nation and people. Come on man?

This is the most import piece of information that will change the Canada and the world. We must remove the Khan family and its network of NGO's and institution from our nation.

We must also remove his mercenaries. Migrants who conform and identify with a master must be repatriated and returned home. They are not here seeking better as the global economy has developed in there homes the same access to products, services, and employment as is here.

They are here, some knowing, some unknowing, they are here to apply institutional and industrial base pressure in order to weaken them to a point that seize through claims of management is than possible.

The last stage, which we are in, is the colonial process. Conquering nations through the voting system. Did you know that old stock Canada are now the 5th active voting block in our own nations.

First being the Aga Khan community, the ismailies, and second being the Chinese. Both conforming and identifying with a master. In a democracy, it is only a matter of time before their master becomes our.

Take a knee, your new master will soon be upon us and the new master will be 1 of the Aga Khan's 4 kids. If I am not mistaken, I think Canada will to controlled by his daughter.

So there is it. Why is Canada institutionalizing Sharia law, the Aga Khan. Why is Canada going through immigration issues, the Aga Khan. Why is our nation changing for the worse, the Aga Khan.

His mercenaries are interest group communities, that are branded as woke culture, bound by mutual goal orientation, under the banner of civil society. He has spent the last 10 years fracturing us into factions and institutionalizing an 'us' versus 'them' societal dynamic.

If you have ever read Charles Dickenson's Great Expectations, than you are familiar with the story of Pip. Pip is Trudeau and the Aga Khan is the his funder. Every time you hear a leader claiming aid is being given to Civil Society, it is them funding the war against us.

As Canadians, if you want to save your nation it is paramount that we remove this family and it development network. Particularly the Global Centre for Pluralism.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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