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The ill intended masquerading as goodwill - we must stop this now

Your tabling a bill for something that already exists. Here is an example of civil society exploiting the weak and vulnerable for personal gains again.

There already exist a disability benefit for those who qualify by having a disability. So who is actually receiving these funds? It is time we follow the money and remove those who masquerade ill intent as goodwill. These are the swine of our society and communities.

Here is a personal perspective for what it is worth. First a distinction must be made between those who were born or acquired a disability making their adversity outside of their control. Then, those who choices and actions lead to complications. These 2 types of disabilities carry a distinction.

Next is the standard of living and quality of life. I ask for someone who is confronted with a born illness is it fair to place them in communities of the most exploitative people? You are creating targets of exploitation. This is why so many peoples‘ homes are turned into crack houses - they are defenceless to the onslaught of these criminals.

So I ask, let’s help the weak, vulnerable and defenceless in the right way with the proper supports, These are not people on welfare unwilling to work. I'm sure many if not most would love the opportunity to have a job or career create and establish a sense of normalcy but that is most likely a fleeting dream met by the reality that they are forced into the roughest neighborhoods and going outside carries with it risk and liability. Most important lets rid ourselves from the people who would use such people as a means of profit. Civil Society must end for the sake and wellbeing of those it claims to represent. It does not offer aid but rather use groups to generate wealth and fund pet projects, like colonizing the world. It is killing so many communities from within. Fracturing the one into the many. Nothing good can come from it.

It is time we return the many to the one and the aid that is offered is directed at those who it is gained in the name of.

This piece was inspired by this article

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