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The Great Bait and Switch

The quiet war of attrition starts with institutional and industrial control and Civil Society is the colonial paramilitary, being used by the Globalist to pressure industry and institution to a point of strain and exhaustion. Once institutional exhaustion is achieved its seizure is then possible.

Now we must keep in mind that any social challenge or change must be perceived by the people to be a result of the people and for the people with its enrollment transitioning through stages in order to prevent question, concern, or opposition to the desired end-state.

This is manipulation of the people and starts with narrative driving public perception and expression demanding change. If people only knew that the change that they were or are demanding leads to the enemy taking more and more of our communal resources.

Perception influences culture and culture motivates behaviour. Now what if the enemy is framing our perceptions, leading to a weakening of our culture through the fracturing into an ever increasing number of factions separated by a philosophy of us versus them.

In the article below Canadian military veterans play outsized role in extremist anti-government movements. This is the narrative need to create as sense of instructional failings driving the public to demand change. Is this why it was so important for the interest group serving Civil Society, that being women.

With enrollment comes the pressure leading to strain and exhaustion. I ask when our military is seized by the enemy and we can no longer possess the means of self protection like a gun, what is our first and last line of defence? How do we preserve our identity and existence?

If your leader(s) are globalist, does that not make the domestic population with a sense of statehood the enemy? How is this any different from war? We missed any and all early warning signs now we are on the cusp of colonization. Remember, the up and coming colonial power was hereditary control and volunteer service.

Ironic that the left keeps telling us the right is driving us into a new dark age, when in actuality it is the left demanding a return of the dark ages. Is that not what hereditary control and slave labour is....sorry, you're not a slave, you're a volunteer.

Instead of buying into all the hype pay attention with situational awareness. The great rest is the transition from democracy to communism. The New World Order is merely describing a generational shift. Claus Schwab, Bill Gates, and George Soros are lapdogs being used as scapegoats.

The real enemy is the Persian 4th Reich. The leader is the Aga Khan and by extension his 4 children. I liken him to the antichrist and his children the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. If you look into each of them they are leaders in fields that lend themselves to the biblical tale.

Let’s fix our world and let’s start with the centre fugal forces destroying us all from within. If we don't, get ready to kneel to your new master. Here in Canada, I assume it will be his daughter who becomes our master.

This piece was inspired by this article

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