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The first think Pierre should do after taking office?

Decouple our economy, institutions, and politicians from the Aga Khan and the Persian 4th Reich.

Cease operations of his endless network of NGO's and not-for-profits within our nation. Remove him and his organization from the managerial role he has over our institutions and resource. Restrict any and all investment by him or associated members from investing in the political parties of our nation.

Guilty by association and all members of our society should he criminally charged with crimes against humanity for what they have done to the people of this nation. We should also repatriate and deport all mercenaries that he has brought into our land.

Remove him and his family. That is how you solve most of our nations problems. To think a hereditary based religious leader has control over our nation that runs so deep that we no long own the resources under our feet and the institutions that serve our needs.

This piece was inspired by this posting on twitter

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