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The Euro Springs

Europe is the new land of the Arab springs and France is the point of ignition.

Sad part is, like the Arab springs, this is not result is freedom but a renewed stronghold of dictators. That was the result of the Arab springs.,

Bait and switch and the many are marching to the Pied Pipers tune of self destruction.

I guess this is the cost of not paying the Pied Piper and he has been funding the Western world ignorance and greed for over 4 decades. Now is the time that he marches the capital put up on the debt into the side of the mountain.

Ironically the same Pied Piper runs all the unions.

When you fail to understand an event or occurrence is its principle form your ability to anticipate outcomes is seriously hindered or even nonexistent, based on the acts of so many.

We need to start opening discussing social elements because we are about to march into a life than these same many will cry in regret. Remember, ignorance is not a defence.

So when you lay your child down to sleep you will be forced to explain to them that everything is alright. You're not a slave, you're a volunteer working in the interest of someone else's gains.

Or, you can wake up and stop being victims by way of you naivety to a marketers message.

This piece was inspired by this video

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