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The dispensable king

The Monarch is not like you or I. We live to live and we demand that our lives be continually made better. A constantly evolving quality of that that renders more and more.

We live in the moment driven to make the most of it, where as Monarchs live for tomorrow, working today to ensure and enshrine the family legacy for tomorrow. The cost of a legacy.

King Charles holding a very important responsibility to the legacy and the crown. He unlike his mother and unlike his son, is what I refer to as the dispensable King. His reign is short live even if judgement it met on a natural basis.

For that reason it is not his role to appease the people. It is not is responsibility to gain the hearts, minds, and will of the people. It is his duty as a member of the monarch ethically and morally bound to the crown is there to continue the legacy.

He, King Charles is there to turn the world upside down, if that is what is needed, in order to set the stage for his next akin. It is for William to connect with the people, having them cheer out his name in praise.

We must remember this is for the legacy not the land nor the people. That is where ground can be lost is in this repetitive strategy applied throughout history.

More so is the fact that the King of the South has prove the value of communal investment. Not strategically rooted in generational obtainment and securities but universally across generations.

The people are you wealth not the figures written in a spreadsheet. We are the one's who dig holes for monuments, control water, and move mountains. It is within the people that your wealth truly lies and where value is truly held.

We are far beyond the times of chains, sickles, and axes. We now have marketers and narrators. A complex form of framing, guiding, and motivating. So lets stop with the games. Lets call off the band of radicals and move into tomorrow synergistically.

It is a shame that leaders feel it takes charades to drive the people, when in reality all it takes is to show and tell them that you stand beside them and that we all share the same goals set. Instead you dance around truths and play bait and switch tactics.

To be honest, why not. We are entering the era of a Jetson's and robotics and AI should render our live to being a person journey seeking out oneself as ones needs are met through a system of automation.

So lets experience with with less soup opera story telling and more direct truth. Lets work together to meet the challenge of complex Darwinism with the onset of AI and robotics.

How do you set the human, robot fabric of tomorrow being weaved. I would assume creativity, and consideration of people with be a major part. AI and robotics are machines that analyse data objectively and seek unbiased resolution.

We must unify as one. It is now us versus the machine who stand in this competition with me.

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