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The Cost of Free Money

Do people realize the importance of usury in our financial system. A non-usury system of finance place you as the asset put up against the loan. This is true slave banking.

Under the usury system you are not a slave to the financial industry but rather are enslaved by the marketers convincing you to live beyond your means. Usury allows for you to pay an interest rate on lend monies and only requires you pay that interest leaving principle in que indefinitely.

I ask would you lend a friend $10 000? Now as yourself what would it take for you to lend a stranger that same value. Without usury the you become that gain you just asked yourself about as you are the asset.

People understand that when you are the asset you are than owned by the lender. This is contractual and by extension legal form of slavery. I guess the public will accept it on the notion of they signed a contract so they did it to themselves.

We have been conditioned for it. Think about for a moment. An man looses his career and life for fighting dogs. While another man because an entertainment tycoon by having humans do the same. The reason why we accept one over the other, as expressed by people, is consent. The human signed in.

Lets not march ourselves back into slavery because of a bait and switch. A bait and switch that rest on little more than a advertising campaign. Wow, so many blindly trust the ill intended as they see them as a body of authority. The Milgram experience realize in its full potential.

Let be more. lets be better. Lets carry ourselves with conviction and be proud to stand for them in the face of opposition. Our future depends on it. Interesting how we keep being told we need to be an informed consumer. Yet the more we are told the more uninformed we become.

Everyone seem to be waiting for a third party with ready-made resolutions. Unfortunately, resolve rest in you, unifying with others and mobilize the whole to either seek change or sustain tradition.

Just remember, you're not a slave, you're a volunteer. Or so you will be told.

This piece was inspired by this article

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