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The common theme - Enslaved by community leaders.

I have to ask when will the black community realize that the one's enslaving them is their own community.

This is the common these of slavery. During the colonial era it was other tribes who sold the black slaves. Now it is community leaders through civil society that are enslaving their own people.

A perfect example which I will conceptualize on Sapere Aude, is the fact that black community leaders (BLM) is a process of repatriating blacks to Africa. Going as far back of colonial times. Rest assure this is not my claim this is the claim of an leader of the African diaspora.

Irony of your community leaders is the fact that they are the most incompetent or ill intended people. This is see as every expression by the black community which is influenced by their leaders always end in a counterintuitive and counterproductive outcome for the community as a whole. Zimbabwe is now begging for those they pillaged, maimed or killed. The ignorance married to arrogance is the summation of this community. greed is their driver and failure by way of incompetence seems to be an issue plaguing Africa.

Why did you do this to the white farmers who produce your food? Your community leaders told you to. Not in the interest of you the community but rather for the personal gains of your leaders.

When you lose your sense of you as an individual and are bound to identify as a community you run the risk and liability of community leaders turning into tool of self interest. Another group that mirrors this perspective, influence and expression is the indigenous community.

Exploited and enslaved by their own. There ignorance pandered to by paying for there greed. manipulated in seeing their leaders short-comings and failures as the result of a 3rd party intervention. Turning the outsider into the enemy, they stimulate behaviour expression in the most self defeating manner. All to protect those who masquerade ill intention as good will.

I want to close with a question - if this is how the community acts and responds in Africa, what do you think they will do when they are imported into your nation?

Perception influences culture and culture motivates behaviour.

Here is a link to an article that framed this article.

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