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The clowns can now be sent home

You as an institution have used terrorist marketing in order to frame public perceptions and stoke public fears. I guess all that is left is to stir the public to demand that proposed budget,

Once you have obtain your budget, with an emphasis on security and policing, you can than send home the clowns. Wait a few months and get media to run a narrative blitz claiming and validating it to be the investment that achieved resolve.

In actuality, the investment is laundered and lines the stakeholders pockets. The resolve was in the violence for hire being used by experiential marketers to create an event(s). Sad that our institutions would use such tactic on us.

This is terrorist marketing and if we do not demand it stop and regulate this nonsense it will only get worse as time progresses and that which draws our attention evolves and refocuses on new and crazier things.

This piece was inspired by this article

City says it will take immediate steps to improve TTC safety in wake of violence (

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