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Sympathy is more addictive and heroin

We talk about addictions, but when you think of an addiction you think of expressions like the consumption of alcohol, chemicals, and even gambling.

What distinguishes addict from a nonaddict is not the usage itself. It is not even the volume or frequency of use. What characterizes an addict as an addict is ones ability to control usage; disruption to ones functioning

So you are not a heroin addict so long as you get up go to work and take care of family, friends and responsibilities. Can anyone else give an example of an expression that carries with it the same characteristics traits?

Sympathy, especially when you have identified the empathetic. People will create staged scenarios that are both disruptive to self and to the empathetic simply to gain sympathy.

When did it become common practice to give medical records to strangers simply because they will listen. To me it is so bazar, yet so many do it.

I blame socialism for this pursuit and addiction. When a society makes playing the victim or presenting hardship equitable, it is only a matter of time before people adapt to it as a functional practice.

I present this because I was in the hospital a few years ago with a serious back injury. I agonizing pain I put for all the behaviours request by physician. He and the nurse stood there in amazement that I fought through every request.

As I stepped into his hold he turned to me and stated. You are the only person who want to get better in this room and that there are people here who are not even sick.

It is a shame that this is the cultural climate that our leaders want to create. A system of children all seeking to be hugged and get their back rubbed.

It is time we stepped out of the cultural haze that has been blanketed over us and want to get better. I agree with helping those in need but at what point does kindness get misconstrued as weakness.

I think Canada in the here and now is a great example of kindness being exploited as weakness and it is our empathetic sensibility that are being taken advantage of with tales saturated in a sympathetic pursuit.

Illegal immigration is a great example to highlight this point. We are told that these migrants are seeking a better life. How their life back home is no different than ours here.; outside of culture.

We the same consumption based trends with the same brands all over the world. We share the same laws as international laws have taken precedence over domestic law, with appeals rooted in international legal claims.

So outside of culture what is it that they are escaping? What betterment are they seeking? You can claim the pursuit to be freedom but there is an interesting parallel. As those who conform and identify with a hereditary authority increased our rights and freedom decrease.

To quote an hereditary based Shia Islamic leader: "there are 39 UN nations seeking to change or amend their constitutions and all 39 are Muslim majority nations".

Meaning Islam is being imported in order to change our chore values and characteristic traits. Did you know that the largest active voting block in Canada is a Shia Islamic community and second it the Chinese. All conform and identify with a master.

It is only a matter of time before thier master becomes ours and it is our empathy and willingness to buy lies of betterment. They are here to change us and empathy is making is possible.

Adding to this dynamic is the claims of hate and oppression by those here to change us - how convenient. Ironically, the first thing foreigners do is flee when confronted with domestic hostility.

Our empathy or rather perceived weakness is keep them here. They do not need to go to war with us if we are going to give them everything they want. Why does an addict need to get clean if catered to by someone assists the ill behaviour.

Once again sympathy is more addictive than heroin when you have isolated the empathetic. Lets be willing to help but lets start that help with questioning what is wrong.

Change starts with the individual not your aid.

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