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State Succession - new age tribalism is upon us

With Ottawa signing an agreement of self governance with the indigenous tribes, The government has effectively defined itself as spineless fools. So of course the only logical progression from such self destructive agreements, is for foreigners to apply enough social pressure that they too agree to self governance. That being the partitioning of Canada into smaller states or nations.

Jagmeet Singh, a members of separatist group who has spent generation attempting to partition the Punjab province from India. The ironic aspect of the Sikhs is the fact that they are owned by the same family who partition Pakistan from India.

That family being the Aga Khan family. So if Aga Khan the 3rd carved out Pakistan would that not mean that they are the shadow masters of Pakistan along with its companions and allies. One of the alliances are with the Sikhs.

Now unlike the Aga Khan converts, poor Hindus to Muslims, the Sikhs have failed to apply enough social pressure to reap the same reward. That being a sovereign state. With such generational failings the next logical option would be to find the weakest and most self destructive nation.

Cultivate domestic self hatred along with the fracturing of communities into smaller and smaller groups. Like the Indian Muslims, exploited as the domestic social idiots, driving their collective behaviour with empty promises of betterment. They in turn act out apply levers of pressures on institution and policy all the while demand complex social change.

Once such interest group communities have exercised a level of influence and authority, you then demand resources be pulled in multiple directions and down many paths. This is done in order to break our institutions financially, weakening our nation as a whole.

While our institution financial breakdown due to resource exhaustion by way of resources be pulled down the many interest group paths. These interest groups are gaining the resources that we once had. Leading to the funding our them over us in each and any form of competition or conflict. We are funding our own destruction through claims of oppression and aid.

When the nation is broken by fractions and resources strain, and organized community like the Sikhs than apply colonial tactics; tribal violence. Once the domestics population starts to demand solace, you than demand the partition of a sovereign state.

This is old strategy being applied anew. When you do not know history you are bound to repeat it and here we are. A nation with a collection of globalist leaders. So if our leaders are globalist would that not make us the domestic population its enemy.

When does self preservation start to come to the forefront of realization. If it does happen quickly we are about to be destroyed as a nation and people. But like a good - who care it isn't going to happen here or to me. Until it does and it is happen. The shame is in the lack of awareness or the refusal to be aware.

This piece was inspired by this article

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