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Stages of brand development - redefining a villain (medical)

This video I cannot verify but its content are interesting and should be looked into further for possibility.

What I find most interesting in how the branding of villains (bad guys) and hero's (good guys) is structured and can be recharacterized.

Lets take the videos contents as the root for our example. You have doctors, nurses, and administrators, who have weaponized our health and therapies against us.

Its tactical application of institutional presentation and professional application has set the stage for the creation of a new and more descriptive psychographic cataloguing through complex behaviour analysis stemming from this crisis.

Pair these insights with with pre-existing demographic data and a full picture starts to emerges about people's perceptions, responses, and expressions. Now we must understand to reveal the principle roots of an occurrence grants the knowledge of how to frame, guide, and stimulate these same aspects of the person or collective.

Consider for a moment. How might you define a hero as a villain and a villain as a hero?

As we know hero's do not kill villains they restrain them and wait for just to be served. Now If you see the hero standing over a villain in wait, it is easy to remove the context that lead to the restraining of the villain and frame the situation as the villain being the victim.

Once the villain become the victim, immediately the hero turn into a oppressive restrictive villain and all it took was perceptual framing to recharacterize and misrepresent actors within the situation.

Now using communicative mediums the villain can than claim that they are the victims and will work like a hero to ensure the oppressive and restive villains are met with justice. At this point the response are being guided, allowing for the real villain action to be seen in a positive light by the audience.

Last stage of brand development is have the audience see the real villain actions are a means to stopping the new villain who was once the hero. At this point the public is cheering on the real villains and rewarding them with accolades when they take down a real hero.

Now take this brand staging as a map and lay that over the medical profession. We can see this same brand strategy being used for them and against us. Lets stop buying whatever is being sold to us and lets start frame our observations with what I call The Why Perspective.

The Why Perspective never allows an event or occurrence to pass without a point of constructive criticism. You are not obligated to answer the Why but it is imperative that we start asking it. That way we wont fall prey to such trash marketing efforts.

Always keep in mind that the marketer is ethically bound to the client not the consumer.

This peice was inspired by this video that I cannot validate but was interest to say the least.

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