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Soft Selling Islam to Kids

Soft selling is defined as:

"A soft sell is a sales technique that prioritizes the customer's trust, needs, and information. Before selling to a customer, the salesperson first establishes trust and a relationship. They can achieve this by uncovering a customer's issues and using subtle persuasion techniques to propose how their products can solve these challenges."

The leader of the Persian 4th Reich is quoted as saying: "culture is the new resource". Now like all resources they are to compete for market dominance and supremacy.

The leader of the Persian 4th Reich has also stated: "the intent of his network of NGO's and not-for-profits are to spread Islamic consciousness through institutional actions.

Actors such as Andrew Tate are that cultural sales rep soft selling Islam to children. Just take a moment and this about it. Not to go unmentioned is his new reported transformation into becoming a Muslims.

He is not breaking free of the matrix he is imbedding you deeper into it and so many are buying in. He is turning you all into Muslims. Not by way of condemnation or condoning.

He is neutralizing choice by presenting it as a means to wealth and fantasy. I mentioned the Persian 4th Reich and Tate has stated: "I own nothing". That is because he does not own a thing.

The Persian 4th Reich is funding his charade so long as he soft sells Islamic culture, generationally enslaving the world. That is the real globalist leader - islam.

Tate is nothing more than a yappy kick me dog of the Reich. Kind of like a Yorkie.

As for this horse and pony show with the Romanian police and courts. How much do you think it would cost to turn institutions like police and the courts into a marketing agency?

Once again, taking part in the soft sales of Islamic culture. Through what the Persian 4th Reich referred to as Islamic consciousness through institutional action.

I know the organization that is the funds are being ran through but who is the one funding you? Is it the King or the Princess?

If you want to know what organization is funding the Court Jesters known as the Tate's stay tuned.

I leave you with this. If culture is a resources competing for market supremacy, I ask you all to have a great Trust for Culture or better yet a better Trust for your Culture.

This piece was inspired by this article

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