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So you're not transferring scholastic skills - what is your training?

What is the job description of teachers these days?

Education is an institution to train scholastic skills. Psych Wiki describes scholastic skills as: Scholastic skills refers to a subset of abilities that underpin academic performance. These include:

  • Reading skills, including comprehension

  • Writing skills

  • Mathematical skills

  • Language development

  • Research skills

  • Test taking skills

So when did the educational system become sociologists, psychologists, or psychiatrists? The study and understanding of a persons identity, personality, and sexual development are not skills that an educator has.

It is a act of fraud to impersonate a professional if you lack the professional credentials and training. So how are educators masquerading as behavioural life life science specialist.

Does K-12 faculty now have to have PHD's in these areas of study? Does an active thesis approval process need to exist in order for someone to be hired as a school teacher? So how can they fraudulently take on these roles.

Making matters worse is the fact that the board and its faculty know the development stages and at what point comprehension takes place. I ask administrators and educators, why are you teach subjects to children that have not even entered the stage of development that would facilitate any form of cognitive comprehension?

There is an interest quote for a man who have seized our national educational system with his NGO's through a managerial process. Saving money while handing our future away. He has stated on multiple occasions: "in times of social chaos education is our greatest weapon". What might he have meant?

If you want to understand more about this institutional seizure checkout Is This Really News Episode 2 Is This Really News Content | IDIOM RADIO

As such our education is no longer by us or for us. There is an interventionalist intention and if I am to go off of that quote, social chaos is to be expected.. Why would a Shia Islamic leader want to seize a nations education system as a means to response to social chaos.

Social chaos in a land that this Shia Islamic leader is to have no authority or cultural influence over. Why would our education system be such a point of interest. Now that he has it what have it turned into?

Children are no longer being educated but are being conditioned on an operant and classical level. Parents are being manipulated into seeing conditioning as a organic expression but it is not.

The faculty is using what is know as a neutralization tactic. It is one thing to condone a choice. It is another thing to condemn a choice. What is not familiar to most is the process of neutralizing a choice. This is when choice is seen as a viable option to explore and understand.

This is how the board of education and its faculty are manipulating parents into seeing a conditioned express as organic or natural. This is well understood in psychology and sociology. It is actually a chapter in deviance class.

Here is a body of professionals exploiting their position of authority to modify decision making by those who lack the cognitive capability to comprehend the decision making process.

They are creating incredible levels of confusion within developing minds , which leads me to ask this, if an interventionist and authority can make you question objective reality. How easy is it to get you to doubt subjective notions of reality?

Remember this is being done at the will and instruction of a Shia Islamic leader. He through his NGO have seized and structured our education for us. From what I can see, education appears to be by others and for their interest of others.

I leave you with the question what might those interests be?

This peice was inspired by this article

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