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So we do not promote ambition?

Here is a major issue on so many levels.

First is the fact that this young ambitious author is not being promoted for his talent and pursuit but rather for his race and ethnicity. His market access which is the eye's and ears and the promotions needed for it are conditional.

So he only gains access to eyes and ears so long as the marketing and promotion is rooted in race. I hope the black community realizes that this can only be a result of your community leaders. Who else has a career based on identity. Who is it that succeeds when identity is sold? Community leaders.

That is your greatest hurdle in the market. It is not the big bad white boogie man full of hate and hostility. It is the fact that your community leaders are horrible marketers and they try to ad to many topics into the marketing mix.

Second is the most limiting for an any entrepreneur with a condition of promotion being placed on race. You are restricted from community funding and investment to a single month a year. This is not promotion this is exploitation.

Complicating the marketing mix appears to be reducing your communities most skill, talented, and ambition members into slaves, only there to sell the community idea. An idea that is the basis for your leaders roles and responsibility. So your community leaders occupational existence is conditional on you the members selling the community, instead of your talents.

It becomes like a form of blackmail. You sell community through your products and services or you receive no community investment driving your success. What a horrible situation to have to be confronted with. Forced into becoming a trick to the metaphorical community pimp or there is no chance for you.

To the author and his handlers here is how you simplify the marketing mix. Drop race first and foremost. You have an even set, that is canceled, with promotions in place. With the power of the internet and the presentation of your skill you can turn a race based event into an event with your name being in lights.

You take an event with a very limited market and generalize to the public at large, If you want to position a political slant callout your community leaders who think you work for them and let them know that they work for you and your ambition

This is how community is generalized and built to include the many. Community leaders need to be removed as it is them who are selling community and not talent. Don't let your talent be wasted so that someone can exploit you to strengthen their occupational positioning.

Freedom begins with the end of community leaders and community lending and think this young ambitious author is a great place to start the framing with. Just think here is an article being used to position this young talent and once again its focus in on race and payment. Cheapening the art, the skill, the talent, the drive, the ambition.

It is not whitey holding you down. It is your community leaders. Break free from those chains.

This piece was inspired by this article

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