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So a German MEP is now your hero

It is a great world when words carry more value than actions. Just think about it a German politician spoke up against Trudeau in the European Union. She spoke against

Trudeau as the leftist narrative was starting to crack and the rebranding was taking place. Now, through self proclamation she is a hero of freedom. So a German MEP speaks against Trudeau and become a hero of Canadians.

Wow, how lost Canada really is and all it takes is a simple statement to get Canadians to buy in.

I keep telling you that the Persian 4th Reich is colonizing the world. Well below is a video of the leader of the Persian 4th Reich, speaking on German and the Persian alliance.

To quote to Aga Khan who is the leader of the Reich: 'Germany analysis the problem and seeks solutions in the same direction as we are".

This is a bait and switch and the biggest joke is that Canadian Patriots are touting her around like a hero. Oh how easy brand and rebranding is.

This piece was inspired by the Canadian tour of German MEP Christine Anderson

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