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Smithers, release the radical hounds

Gang violence appears to be the new political method. So we as the people are sacrificial lambs for their personal interests to control.

This in and of itself should tell the people that these are not the leaders you are looking for. These are bad dudes.

When it comes to the Iranian leaders they are little more than bobbleheads and faces for billboards. Lets take a moment to consider this. Iran is a Shia Islam state. Shia Islam is a hereditary based system of control. Is the Supreme leader part of the bloodline of Muhammad? Nope!

New is the political leader. If you have a king I have to ask what is a politician? The face to ensure the centre fugal forces of all your problems as a member of that society remains in the shadows, vailed in secrecy.

Lets reveal the secrets. The only last bloodline, who has p[roved it to a European council is the Aga Khan a Shia Islamic leader. That would than make him the Supreme leader or rather the master to the Muppet/bobblehead.

Next is the political leadership. The Aga Khan for the alst 3 generations has held the title of your Majesty in Iran. Making him the king of state. That is what the title means. This making the political leaders faces for billboards and hands to wave at the public.

Most important is the fact that such a structure facilitated that stage for scapegoating. If you do not know who is behind a choice or decision most are left pointing at the billboards.

If we want real change, complex social change we need to remove the vails keeping our real enemies hidden in the shadows.

Lets start with the one at the helm of Persian 4th Reich pursuant of hereditary control of the cultural and industrial based sectors. Driving us into slavery or as the Aga Khan calls it volunteerism.

I want this article to act like a baton in a relay race. I am not passing the baton for others to reveal an enemy hidden by the shadows.

This piece was inspired by this article

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