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Shia Islamic leader controls the Canadian education system.

Is private the resolve to the seizure of the public institution of education?

I feel that to be a superficial resolution to a much deeper problem.

Consider for a moment, who is going to fund the private? If government subs are to fund it, would that now mean the private is the public? The consequence of such social change is restricting access to education?

That will turn us into a 3rd world nation real quick, as it is education and policing that seperates us. The issues is infiltrators within the public system.

Here is a question that all Canadians should be asking. Why is a Shia Islamic leader controlling the Canadian education system?

This is not a public system as a public system would entail our tax are centralized within and by our government. That government established a budget and transfers it to the institution for management and allocation.

Why do we have an foreigner religious leader intervening at ever level of this process. From budgeting, to curriculum development to leveraging interest groups and how.

Making matters worse he is the one at the helm of woke culture. Using our institutions like education and media to fracture our young into factions, creating confusion and establish us versus them.

How did we, as Canadians, let a hereditary based Shia Islamic leader take over one of our educational system. This should be the most important and prized institution that is protected at all cost. It is the conditioning factor of our youth.

Great as a weapon.

To understand the Canadian education system and how the Persian 4th Reich has seized it watch episode 2 of Is This Really News? It will blow you mind and make you realize how bad the situation is here is the great white north.

I would like to conceptualize this image. This is a allied mercenary flag representing

interest groups united under this flag and bound to civil society. The public identifies them as woke culture.

Their agenda is a soft war seeking complex social change through institutional actions.

These societal fractures leading to faction formation is a strategy by the

Persian 4th Reich. To quote the Aga Khan who is the leader of the Persian 4th Reich: "seeking to spread Islamic consciousness through institutional action".

Here it is.

Reference material to highlight and validate claim

Episode 2 - Is This Really News?

This Piece was inspired by this posting on Facebook by Clif St. Paul

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