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Selling our land for foreign enclave development

Would it not have been the chiefs that sold off their land to developers.? Just like it is the government of Canada selling our land as Canadians.

The fires are cheap clearing for foreign enclave development and yes it is your chiefs that sold it as it is the leaders in Canada who are behind it,

Identity bases enclaves are needed for a dictatorship to flourish. That way when one enclave refuses change the others comments acts of aggression and violence to leverage opinions.

This is the tactics of African dictators. The 15 minute city has existed for generations there. When a community takes opposition to a leaders wants, they turn the groups onto each other.

This model is being duplicated in the west and the is the a cheap means to start such structures. You can call me a conspiracy theorist but this is already a reality in different places around the world.

We are being disenfranchised by the outside and our electoral process is being exploited these same people in order to establish an authoritarian regime. Wake up Canada.

We keep importing those with a master and it is only a matter of time before their master becomes ours. This is the cost of not competing in this cultural competition.

This peice was inspired by this article

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