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Self Preservation is Not Discrimination - who defends and lobby's for us?

The article linked below is some hack white liberal poet trying to exploit the arts in order to manipulate fools.

Ignorance married to arrogance driven by empathetic reasoning is the caner at work here.

I ask when did self preservation become hate? Interesting how concepts get redefined and rebranded.

Now here is where the ignorance lies within this manipulative leftist poet.

A Nazi is a socialist who screams for the Aryan race. Aryans are Persians and not white. I guess you know who owned Hitler.

Now the KKK as a white supremist groups is comical. The reason why you think that is the marketing done by Geraldo in the 90's. He set the hillbilly image and everything.

The KKK burns crosses and I don't know what race a cross represents. I do know a faith. The KKK is a Protestant defence group seek to defend its exist in America against the Roman Catholic Church.

This is the made up reality that so many talk about. It is marketing and how marketing processes have you in chains like a slave.

Just consider, the Left is know as woke and the right is known as awake. It appears that they are both owned by the same marketer and all it took was to change the tense of a word.

So lets be honest and address the elephant in the room. Who defends and lobby's for whitey or western domestic population(s). Nazi, are our enemy, and the KKK is faith based.

Every interest group plays the role of oppressed in order to leverage their communities. Everyone but us.

I was told by a teacher in grade 5 that our government acts in the interest of the domestic population and that is why there is a need for interest groups, giving a voice to the voiceless.

Now our leaders are not only on team interest group but they are Muppets to the stakeholders and funders of these interest groups. Who now speaks or represents 'we' the domestic population?

This peice was inspired by this article.

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