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Self Governance is to Partition Land

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I want to first state that the left is correct when they state words are weapons. In so much that they used them in this manner. Manipulating language and meaning, turning words into a Pied Piper of sorts. Perceived as a wonderful march only to realise too late that claim and application are in complete contradiction.

The Canadian government and indigenous communities have signed an agreement allowing for self governance. As a Canadian I have to ask how are you not self governed? Oh, this is relative to you not being Canadian but rather identify as a isolated community seeking a sovereign state,

Self governance is nothing more than the partitioning of our great nation. Now are tyranical globalist government is carving up our nation into nations. Only a fool would see it any other way,

As a side note - if you are governed by globalist wouldn't that make the domestic population the enemy of the government itself? How is treason defined and how is a colonial act by government onto people anything but treason? I know many will claim the indigenous are the domestic population. I retort with, If China and India went to war and India beat China. Is China still China? Exactly.

No now our hostile tyranical government that identifies the 'dominate' domestic population as the enemy. Is carving our nation into nations. If this is the case, I would like to know. For those who live in the newly partitioned nation. Will you have access to our institutions? You are no longer a in Canada and it is clear you never thought yourselves as Canadian. Meaning you have no access to our resources in any form of fashion. Also you would not use our currency and you as a nation would have to take on a portion of the nation debt. You benefited from the loans and as such you have to pay for it.

Another question, where in Canada would the nation be partitioned. The Hudson Bay is our trade route so that would be out of reach. A liability to landlock our nation. Especially consider as a community they hold hostilities for us as a people. So where would your New World Order be created from.

I hope Canadians would be will to go to war with your nation is you though we would allow you establish high-risk national existence. The government is trying to fracture us into factions and how cheap it was to pander to your greed by paying for your ignorance.

You are being colonized by another and you don't get it. Well done. I applaud you. Your community leaders have sold your concerns along with your efforts. Your inability to anticipate outcomes is going to lead to tribal conflict and no one cares to admit it.

Canada will be tomorrow South Africa. Irony is that same cultural organization and leader who destroyed South Africa is doing it here. Adding to the irony, the same family responsible for South Africa and soon Canada, also is responsible for partitioning Pakistan from India. The Aga Khan through civil society is funding a war of globalization. Pursuant of hereditary control of the religious and secular authority.

Do you get that interest group members. You are cogs working for Persian global control. Remember, through ignorance, you will be a volunteer not a slave.

This piece was inspired by this article

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