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Screaming slogan and marching to trends

I know mine is.

I have spent the last 3 years trying to inform public of what is going on and how to prevent it. I have been at war with censorship, as an issue, not a marketing strategy. Instead the people choose to scream slogan and act on the instructions of trends. Validating true character.

Those with sense have been shown who the general masses truly are, through these countless behaviour test. You all failed, every last one of you. From reasoning, to decision making, to expression and action, at least 84% of you don't have a damn clue.

What makes this truth comedic is that most of this 84% are confronted with the marriage of ignorance with arrogance and it is this which prevents you from understanding and further facilitates the mass ignorance. Its like a vicious cycle of stupidity.

Let the Pied Pipers false truths and unsubstantiated claims move you. For it is your blind trust and empathetic reasoning that is your own destruction.

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