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Representing Anti-Canada Internationally.

Is First Nations a nation? If it is a nation, is it large enough to be a member of the G7?

So here we have an G7 summit in Tokyo, Japan and Canada has chosen to send an indigenous women for no other reason than she is indigenous.

This really validating that these summit hold no rhyme of reason because there is no merit discussion as there is no merit in those presenting or discussing topics and subjects.

Is she even recognized as a voice in alternative media relating to the subject matter to be address at this years summit?

Making matters worse for Canada and Canadians is that fact that this women does not represent Canada at all. If anything she is the anti-thesis to Canada.

Think about it. She represent a small group who demand segregation from Canada and its identity from within Canada. They stand in opposition and seek to reclaim that which was lost long ago.

Think about what this signals and says to the world. We are technically sending a member of an active combative interest group which is seeking to using is community and allied communities to conquer us and resources and lay claim to our assets.

This is why we are a punchline to the world. Our empathetic sensibilities are being exploited and our kindness is now our greatest weakness. Can we really claim to be conquered when the ashes settle when we gave it all away?

Another example of how lost and clueless Canadians are. The fact that this is occurring also speaks to the fact that Canadians just do not give a damn. Not for self. Not for future generations. Not for community. Not for history or heritage.

Welcome to Canada. Home to the soon to be enslaved....sorry, volunteers.

Saddest part is that the indigenous think they are acting in their best interest pursuant of their communities betterment. In reality they are paying a debt to Persian 4th Reich as repayment for community based loans made over the past 4 decades.

Your efforts are leading to us all being colonized by the Persian 4th Reich. The organization that has been funding your community leaders off all your back is known as Trust for Culture.

This piece was inspired by this video

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