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Repatriation - Why, oh why, do they do this to their own?

Ideas, actions, preconceived notions. beliefs, expectations and foresight all start with a metaphorical seed that germinates to a sapling and through our intervention and cultivation, grows and matures into endless possibilities.

An evolution if I may. Starting with something so subtle and minute. often times unrealized at first glace, through stages, of often times., unknown and even unknowingly develop mature into complex matters, opportunities and even risks.

We have now entered an era where self preservation is becoming prized, and pride in pursuit of development within a competitive environmental climate. With a society fractured into factions all that is left is to compete, competing for dominance and supremacy.

Think of it as culture competition action as a form of quiet combat. Interest set forth by a captain or general with the pursuit of complex social change. These groups than lash out seeking perceived gains and benefits, when in actuality the only opportunity is for those who let the dogs out.

A great example of this is the attempt by the African heads of state to sustain present development and unify the the continent under the Banner of the African Union.

Africa has been going through immense development programs and now is at a stage where they are seeking expansion and authority of their own. Often times power is found in unification or at least strong loyal cooperation amongst its members. Which is why Africa is exploring such a program.

What Africa is lacking and in great need of is human capital as they suffer from the brain drain. Due to this Africa is now confronted with a situation of sustain by maintenance or erode by way of abandonment.

Lets use medical for an example to highlight my point. In Africa the average doctor is responsible for approximately 250 000 prospective patience. Just image that, is that even possible. There are wings in hospitals that are closed due to lack of staff. This is what I mean by abandonment leads to erosion.

Now just to sustain the human labour cost are unimaginable. One has to ask why create so much if there is not enough human capital to justify and validate its existence. This is not how growth works but non-the-less.

For Africa to reach sustainability on a human capital level is a near impossibility, Here is a statically reality that should leave you unsettled from a socioeconomic standpoint. For Africa to obtain 22% of the labour needed, it would take the entire African diaspora in the Americas.

Not America but the Americas and that would only represent under a quarter of needed human capital. This is the real cost of development. Especially when development goes un questioned and unregulated.

Here is where the picture comes in posted below. I notice an interest trend. Above I discussed cultivation and the snowball effecting. Know the agenda of the African heads of state, and the union an interesting pattern is emerging and it really lends itself to the this pursuit.

In recent history we went through a radical and irrational expression by the black community under the banner of BLM. Most would say that they were there burning and looting cities and communities for the betterment and rights of the black community.

What if I told you that BLM was a tool and social idiots being exploited to frame perceptions, guide responses, and stimulate expression within the general population. They failed at stimulating an expression as they were at war with themselves and still lost.

The intent was to create institutional and system fear with black youth and hostility and aggravation by the white community seated in perceived irrational and chaotic behaviour. This would lead to social pressures stimulate a response of fear and concern for the future.

This uncertainty of the future was expected to stimulate the expression to flee. Flee hardship and hostilities and render the desired complex social change wanted by the African heads of states. That being the return of the human capital needed.

Perception is key to the sustainability of complex social change. If the people do not see change stemming from them and by them, change of any type is than met with resentment and hostilities; preventing any stable society and community to emerge.

Not this is just the beginning. Now to ad to this is Jordan Petersons, a perceive body of executive authority within the general population, use of the crustacean as a comparative conceptualization of human behaviour.

How this lends itself to this agenda, is that crustaceans like a crab are now recognized by biological evolutionary science to represent a plethora of species evolving into a single species with sub variance representative of the species origins.

What this means is that, yes, we are the same but we are also different. Different crabs are still crabs but they are different in that they are originated from completely different species.

Now generalize that, as we tend to do as humans, to become representative of race. We as humans all humans but we all come from something different. We are all the same but we are all different.

Now there is a body of science with influential persons with scientific perspective. Offering a great utility that lends itself to this agenda of the African union and the heads of state. To have their people return home.

Now we have been confronted with COVID and mandates. It truly has captivated the attention of many. With this crisis these has emerges as fracturing within society leading to the creation of factions amongst communities. Factions with identities drawn between having or have not taking vaccines. The good old us versus them.

Us versus them is what divides us and we are marching into that division from what I can see. Now that the mandate narrative is collapsing we are return to institutional violence race based violence feed the old fears and concerns for future within a given group.

On a communications level, the institution of media and influence, we have the faction of the unvaccinated now labeling the identity being distinguished by pure blood. Once again playing into the agenda of the African heads of state. with the generalization of pure blood to resemble race.

Thing about it. In that last 4 decades when does anything go by without become a utility of race baiting allowing for the fracturing of us into factions. Not for or by the people but for and by a puppet master and his pack of henchmen.

Oh how perceptions will and can fail us. Especially when they do not see the causal chain in its principle form of rooted causes.

I leave you with a question. Do you want of think that people who are the same but are different should reside in a specific geographical region? Yes or no.

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