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Reparations is Universal Basic Income in Disguise.

Bait and switch is the name of this game. Ignorance and greed is the means ushering in a new social contract. Enslavement, yeah!

There are two cultural issues at play here. First is the general population lack of convictions leading to dependency of trends. Second is failing to understand events in a principle form.

You can see the many screaming freedom while marching into enslave and that is the resulting from what I would like to refer to as the exhaustive critical thinking fallacy. The lack of critical thinking allows for the interventionist to restructure the causal chain of a given occurrence. Making the cause and effect relationship malleable.

I dont think it is a lack of critical thinking but a refusal to ask questions. Something I like to call The Why Perspective. This setting the stage for blind acceptance of claims made by people perceived as bodies of authority, Crazy world when the Court Jester (celebrities) is accepted as that body; hired to lie yet seen as the validation of truth.

I have to ask, for the many is all that is needed for the creation of the fraudulent expert is an awards ceremony? Mad world when narcissistic expression is that which established expertise in the minds of the many.

Worse than the celebrity as purveyors of truth are the trust the science people with knowing anything about the science. Lets use these mandates recently. You were a lab rat as all forms of therapy require a 10 year longitudinal study for certification. Know the science. Once again, resulting from the failure to ask questions.

So you trust the science in so much that you obeyed a request but did not know the science enough to realize the standards that must be met for causality to be established and supported scientifically. Science, to critique, test and retest. I call this the marriage of ignorance to arrogance characteristic. It always ends up profiling the fools.

These 'fools' bring with them the ultimate cost to society at large as they are acting as the social authority signing us all into a new social contract. Hear me out.

They believe in something without understanding it. They act when request by a 3rd part without inquiry. They are confronted with risk, liability and consequence and accept it? They deny wrong doing when consequence is expressed and experienced?

They need. No wait, they require a 3rd party interventionist with a ready made resolution to frame perspective, guide responses and stimulate expression.

For this their consequences is most time met with reward. Establishing a mediocracy as it representing the most equitable option. On a side note, this is hereditary authorities ideal.

I ask you to think of your personal experience with the expression of consequence. Now imagine the consequence for taking on a risk so great such as a drug in trial stages, is reparations. I get it, reparations for harm done onto those who lack the sensibilities or effort to take on the understating of why and for what reason they act.

To understand what one's action potential is rooted in and why it drives action is to have a basic sense of self but as been proven such people refuse to hold or cherish such insights. They are the claim not content type of people.

As they receive their rewards. others will join the chorus in cries of victimhood, with equity acting as the vehicle driving want by even those with enough sense to maintain self preservation. They too will be compensated with funds. of reparations.

With cheers of being the victorious victim will cash those checks. Once again without the knowledge or understanding that to cash the check is to sign the new social contract. That being hereditary authority of the cultural and industrial sectors.

The new social contract is hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors, with a labour market rooted in volunteerism. Hence the Universal basic work for free now.

The mandate was nothing more than an expression of our problem it was not the problem itself. It was the circus ride that took you all around the mountain lead by fools. It is the fools that will end this ride in the most counterintuitive and counterproductive end-state.

Remember, those surrounded by comfort were the fools and cowards that gave the enemy everything they wanted and asked for. It is the generations that follow who will pay for the greed and ignorance of today.

Hereditary control is bloodline control of everything. So today you get to buy, buy, buy, while tomorrow your children and grandchildren get to starve, starve, starve. All because someone refused to dig the hole for the monument of the people who played us all for suckers.

I will close with a conceptualization that will offer greater insight. Communism, totalitarianism, monarch, emperor, social democracy, feudalism. These and many other are merely brands or labels, used to redefine the same structure. That being hereditary control and authority.

Wake up.

you chant slogans and trends are your guiding principles.

Get convictions, find things to believe in. Most important conceptualize your beliefs so that you can make sense and understand them. Failing to do so leads you to the need and requirement of a 3rd party with ready made resolutions. When this is you character it is than easily exploited by those same 3rd party interventionists.

This piece was inspired by this video Alberta Health Services Corruption Exposed (

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