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Renovations is the new eviction model

I stand against centralization of any type. This is why a speak vigorously against socialism, communism, and hereditary control. They are all the same, only separated by branding. What I am about to talk about is one of those topics that drives me to demand nationalization and exclusion and even expulsion.

To first position this topic within a reality based frame. In Toronto there is about a 64% vacancy rate. As the only people who can afford to rent or buy is those funded through community based funding, that being civil society. to put it into perspective, this can also be seen as domestic attrition.

Just think about it for a moment. Under attrition the foreigner can flee back to their homeland. The domestic population is left to get hungry, starve, and be overtaken with anger, with nowhere to go. When your leader is a globalist the domestic population is the enemy and attrition is a slow and quiet combat strategy.

The housing market is a great example of that attrition process. The reality of foreign obtainment is through community based funding. Civil Society as organizations are buying up all properties. Making the housing market more reflective of insurances with regards to corporate gouging.

If this isn't senseless gouging, I wonder if this inflation tactic is just a means to introduce a new segment within the market. I refer to it as a tactics due to the fact manipulation is the driver of markets,

Take for example all the innovation, promotion involved in these tiny living spaces. All that is needed is to inflate pricing to a point that the consumers are left with no choice but to buy into the new market segment. What is preventing leaders of any industry using levers capable of pressuring markets and force complex changes.

Forcing a point of consumption onto consumers merely to ensure their investment. Its a win win scenario when you can position the market in a manner that one can introduce an entire new segment. Sustainable living is code for ensuring a conversion.

Another manner of market manipulation is through socioeconomic standings. Look at how and which levers of industry, media and politics and even culture are used to force consumption.

A great example of such assurances is Bill Gates with fake meat. It has nothing to do with your health and everything to do with him buy up so much of the farming industry. Impossible meat what his way of selling you farm waste as a viable product.

We need to be well informed smart consumers. Not at the cash register but long before the point of purchase. We are the consumer and without the buyer there is no seller. If we lose sight of this power dynamic, what is stopping these leaders from removing the buyer altogether and replacing it within lineage control. At that point the buy is not need because he or she becomes the beggar.

Lets take responsibility for our nation, community, and industries. It is up to us to keep businesses honest and it is up to use to force the government into regulation when business loses sight of the fine balance between buyer and seller. If this is lost, all that is left is enslavement by way of request. You will have to request a sip of water when your thirsty.

This piece was inspired by this video

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