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Rebranding by redefining a villain as a hero

Do you remember the last 3 years and those who weaponized our health and therapy?

Do you remember how fear overtook our and many other societies?

Do you remember who frame, guided, and stimulates this fear in the many?

Linked below is a video claiming that the BC government is going full communist on BC medical professions.

Do you remember who instructed medical staff and administrators to exploit our fears brought on by uncertainty of the future and the fear of death?

The instructor was the government, the narrators were media, and the actors were healthcare professionals.

Now that the narrative is failing and the agenda completed those who were villains need to change the way the public sees them. You can wait for attentions spans and memories to step outside of the recent experience or you can use rebranding to redefine those actors.

How do you redefine a villain?

You cannot make them a hero as their actions stand in opposition to a hero's interest and intent. You can make them a victim. All it takes is to have an authoritative body, like government, is to run an advertising campaign claiming they are wrong done by.

The comedic aspect of this all, is that the fact that the body who is being presented as the villain are the same people who instructed the manipulation of the people.

The scary think about this is the fact that the many will buy this rebranding gimmick. The cost of ignorance married to arrogance, driven by empathetic reasoning.

Sympathy is more addictive than heroin when you have isolated the empathetic. Anything is possible when reality is blurred by empathetic subjectivity.

Here is my suggestion. Lets get rid of the villains before we will consider them victims and most important before we invest further into villains.

This piece was inspired by this Video posting on Twitter

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