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Random Engagement - Vaccine passports, who is actually vaccinated? Can you spot the difference?

Episode - 2021-09-16(1)

Subject – The marriage of ignorance with arrogance driven by empathetic reasoning.

Lets trust the science. Science that is truly based on scientific rigor. Do you not realize that half of you claiming to be vaccinated are not. You are a control.

This realization must hurt realizing that you have been played like a consenting lab rat.

You judge people like me without knowing your obedience was in vain. Do you know if you were a test member or a control member. Welcome to the reality of clinical trials.

So you are no different from those you try to take a moral high ground over. You only differentiating from them. You are ignorant where they have common sense.

Before trusting the science understand what constitutes science.

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