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Random Engagement - Our empathy is being weaponized against us

2021-08-19 (1)

Subject - Kindness perceived as weakness. Our empathy weaponized against us.

Islam in all its plurality is functioning in a cooperative capacity towards common goals. That cooperation has been consolidated and institutionalized through an international organization.

This is not a confrontation between faith and state as faith and states actions are being controlled by an organization. This is new age conquest. Through the exploitation of our democracy.

Demographics are king so contemporary conquest does not need to fire a bullet at democratic nations. They us aid programs to fund their efforts. Engineering conflict causing displacement and relocation.

When did migration stop being seen as a act of war?

I guess when our western leaders wanted to transition our democracies into hereditary controlled system or as it has been branded for contemporary tastes – democratic socialism.

This is the means to do it. The Left, Islam, and its network of interest group community. Just keep in mind. This is about to happen to you. Lady’s get your burqas ready.

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