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Question for the public

There should be job programs not subsidy but for those without the ability to work what about them?

My question(s)

- do you believe that a person with disabilities deserves the decency of a certain standard of living?

- Does a person with a disability deserve compassion and respect?

- Does a person with a disability deserve your help and assistance?

- do you see someone on disability as someone on welfare?

- Does a person with a disability have to live with the reminder that their quality of life stems from your efforts?

- What is a person with a disability worth to you?

- Do you know or love someone with a disability?

- Do you believe that someone who was born with a disability is more deserving than someone who, through their own actions created a disability for self?

- What should be done?

Positive or negative, what are your thoughts.

This piece was inspired by this article?

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