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Provocateurs Creating the CBC Narrative - Where did integrity go?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

These Truckers are an antithesis to a Nazi.

The left has no limitations when it come to how low they will go in an effort to establish a narrative. Not only engineering outcomes but engineering perceptions of those fearful of exploring their cognitive capabilities.

One trend I have picked up on regarding leftist rationale. They have an immense sense of self doubt. This doubt then blurs their perceptions allowing for the interventionist to intervene and 'clear' their view. Defining reality with description rooted in utility.

Marketers, advertiser, and media are at this level of awareness and behavioural analysis. Now they are capable of defining and even rewriting aspects of our history with most falling prey to their claim. Claim without proof, seems to be the mantra of the left.

The insights and understanding, by these business and organization leaves us at a loss. A handicap of sorts. Knowledge regarding our preconceived notions, perceptions, interpretations, and action potential facilitates the setting for the interventionalist to than guide these aspects of the rationalization process.

Allowing for the informed to intervene at a stage of transition and impose desired characterizations. To manipulate this process carries affects and effects that go beyond the stage itself. It influences the notions within the following stage. While validates characterizations within drawn from the stage prior.

Take for example the claim that there is a Nazi presence at the #freedomconvoy2022. It is as easy as setting up a photo shoot and laying claim. With outfits and stage props almost anything is possible. Members on the left do not even take the cognitive responsibility to question the claim.

What I find most interest about this rationale of the left is the fact that they fail to go beyond a given characterization. They choose not to seek how to fit other defining features within the descriptions. It is as if they lack curiosity.

Returning to the Nazi example. Yes a Nazi is seen as a nationalist. To use such a feature would than mean all people with a sense of self pride would than be a Nazi.

See how it does not fit as it goes beyond that which characterizes.

Now we hear the left claiming Hitler was a fascist. That could make for a more fitting feature as it would hone down to be all encompassing of those who are represented. I am baffled by such a statement. The only Fascist during WW2 was Mussolini. Hitler was a socialist. Socialist like Fascist hones those that fit in the category much more succinctly. It does not go beyond the core characteristics.. The interesting aspect is the fact that this would than constitute leftist as the Nazi's. Socialism of the 3rd Reich is now branded as democratic socialism in the here and now.

Returning to the patriate being defined as a Nazi. Do people not realize that it was the patriot of yesterday that went and defeated the Nazi's. They went beyond blood, sweat, and tear to risk life and limb for the maintenance of the freedoms that we take for granted today.

So to claim that these Truckers are Nazi's is a gross mischaracterization of the men and women. These Truckers, like the soldier who fought the Nazi's in WW2, are standing in the face of the socialist tyrants. Standing firm for those freedoms that our grandparents and great grandparents fought to enshrine.

Try to make sense of that framed with a leftist perspective.

The real issue in our society is peoples unwillingness to ask question.

To media and institutions. Do a better job. Avoid lies as the truth will eat you in the end. Where did integrity, decency, and respect go.

As a warning to the left and an insight to my fellow patriots. This should not be accepted and if this continues we will have to use the courts to extend the defining features of bulling. To include female bullying: rumor, gossip etc. There is consequences for lying to the public.

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