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Prince Charles is the most important King - the dispensable King

Many state that the title of your majesty should skip Prince Charles and be handed over to Prince William. This is foolish as it does not take tomorrow into account. Prince Charles is the most important type of King he is a dispensable King.

He is the dispensable King due to the biological reality that frames his role. His term due to generational transition is short. The queen reigned for over 60 years and William will reign for about 40 to 50 years. Given life expectancy remains the same. Prince Charles will be king for about 15 years.

This being key to position future strategic planning. Prince Charles is the risk taker. Able to push society, politics, economics and culture to the limits. He is able to test threshold and expressions of the public informing the next generations choices and responses.

He can turn the world upside down and Prince Williams can swoop in and save the day by pandering to the public wants and needs. Without the dispensable king tomorrow is filled with uncertainty. Not just for the public but for the monarchy themselves. If these is not symmetry there is hardship.

The key objective of any and all monarchies is have the people stand with hands in air cheering your name. These peoples wealth is not based on their bank accounts. These peoples wealth is a result of a unified following that can be mobilized with immediacy when needed and in the face of any form of adversity,

The dispensable King is the one who can cater to the publics needs or starve the public near death. Whatever it takes to have the public march in lockstep. This is generational change and utility. The goal is the cheers and scream of passion and admiration not for Charles but William. This is strategic planning and for that reason Charles role cannot be substituted by anyone but he himself. He works not for himself nor the people. He works to bridge the people with the leadership the next generation binding the many for tomorrow.

We have to keep in mind Queens give and Kings take. Lets hope he is a compassionate King who understands his wealth is for and by the people. If he understands that, we will conquer the rest of the world with etiquette and class.

Message to the future King. All it will take is to duplicate the models created by the King of the South. He is someone who understood where his wealth existed and we are presently living through the King of the South attempting to decolonize and recolonize the world in his name and in his vision.

Apply his model but be better than him as we as a people are better. In all forms and fashions. It is time to invest in you through us. With that your people will render the world for you as your will render the world for them. The fine balance that I hope is for tomorrow. If not the dispensable King is set to turn this world inside out.

This piece was inspired by this article

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