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Pressuring our institutions into oblivion

Dirt bags with a money grab angle. LMAO calling them civil servants now. Is this the rebranding strategy now. Only a fool would buy into what your selling.

If you don't like it here, why don't your return to your homeland?

Did you know that Africa is a continent is suffering from what is known as brain drain. All competent members of their community leave the continent for education never to return.

Did you know that is the entire African diaspora in the America's were to return home today, it would only account for 22% of the human capital needed for sustainability. Do you realize that a doctor in Africa is responsible for up to a quarter million people.

So instead of playing the role of civil society and using your communities efforts to apply institutions , political, and social pressure breaking us down into a Africa like destruction. Why don't you use that competency and effort to build your homeland.

You either know you efforts are in pursuit of complex social change. If you don't I want to place your qualification into question. Affirmative action made you who you are.

As for affirmative action. Why are we given fraudulent credentials to the outside with a failing homeland at the cost of our domestics population success and obtainment. Seats in higher education are finite and if one is given away under a political policy, a merited candidate losses his or her chance.

I know I am probably sounding racist but I am not. I seem to be one of the few that care. These are the people who would develop the undeveloped. This about it. They are applying enough pressure to cripple if not destroy.

If you were to return to your homeland I encourage you to take the leftist members of our society with you. They are your companions under civil society. They could help fill the other 78% of the needed capital.

When speak of affirmative action I not referring to a privilege that only the black community get to experience. Affirmative action is a handout for each and every member of an interest group community.

They are all participants of civil society and it is civil society that bind these groups into a whole.

This piece was inspired by this article

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