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Only in Canada - Redefining the villain as a victim

Why are so many Canadians willing to buy into anything that they are sold. This article proves that a villain can be redefined as a victim and all will buy in to the claimed identity as anew.

The title of the article: Bill Morneau’s awakening is better late than never. This is laughable at best. So now a rebranding strategies is an expression of changing core believe and values hahahahahahahaha. Or is it a strategy to make it appear as such?

Actions speak louder than words. This is how the enemy infiltrates and destroy us from within, All being achieved through a bait and switch that so many will eat up. Yum, yum, yum. Wake up and pay attention.

Why is it that Canadians and most of the world are all seeking a 3rd party with a ready made resolution. Is thinking really that strenuous? Generations last went beyond blood, sweat, and tear, they risk life and limb.

This is why nothing changes because all it takes is a marketed slogan for all to be forgotten. Get ready for your new master he will be arriving soon. Our new master brought forth by people not being responsible for their own insights. This is the reason we keep running in circles on this hamster wheel.

My question to Canada - what would it take for Trudeau to be seen as a victim?

You just bought in to the nonsense of the guy who has been funneling our wealth out of our nation in an effort to fund a war against us is now and ally. I guess he is a companion pursuant of freedom because he and media said so.

We also has someone who holds an international label as a terrorist and this terrorist is labelling Canadians with a sense of statehood terrorist. Welcome to the upside down, where ignorance is married to arrogance drive by empathetic reasoning.

If reality is to be revealed to the masses this house of cards would turn into a flaming mess. Just know it was our willingness to offer blind trust in the most untrustworthy of characters as we see them as they want to and not for what they are.

This piece was inspired by this article

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