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Now victimhood is being part of a social experiment that never existed

The great escape, is the true value of being a victim.

Now feminist are not independent, powerful women taking control of their lives. Now they are subject to an unbeknownst social experiment - the sexual revolution

Give me a break. The experiment that you where subjects to was if given the ability to choose for self how would your average subject, in this case women, choose.

This was your choice and the failings is not on the experiment but on you.

The fact that you fight to kill your own unborn children is mind blowing. Do you realize that your option for abortion had nothing to do with you and everything to do with the obtain of materials for actual research.

That's right, you murdered children were to become research material in bioengineering experiments. You not the subjects you just suckers for a sales pitch.

You are the highest active consumer demographic for good reason. Your characters are not being defined by research and insight. You're identities are being developed by pimps and hustlers.

Now you want to play the victim as to not be accountable for your body counts. Give me a break. Amazing how little attention in given by so many to the 3 key concepts: Self respect, integrity, and class.

Crazy how you women fight to not identify nor conform to them. Someone how your perceptions, responses, and expressions are no longer yours when it is not good for you.

Shame reality is not a convenience good like you want it to be.

This piece was inspired by this video

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