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New age marketing

I wander how much is the courts being paid to market talent?

One of the most important institutions in our land has become the 3rd column of the marketing mix. The first column is traditional marketing, The second is experiential and the third is now the courts. This should be called the institutional marketing mix. call transitional marketing.

Traditional marketing is the art of the sales. The frontlines is I may presenting, and conditioning the mark and finalizing the transaction. Traditional marketing also includes advertising as advertising is used as the conditioning agent framing perceptions

Experiential marketing is a new form of marketing. Think BLM and Antifa, They create live action theater. Did anyone ask how these 2 radicalized groups never were held to account they never got arrested, and they hold no responsibility damages. That is because it was theater, with us the audience and these actors present a show. The production logistically calculated by experiential marketers.

Now is the 3rd column the most interesting and most complex. It is an absolute authority, meaning is innately achieves that which advertisers pay a fortune seeking out. Blind belief and trust in second nature for most people relating to statements of the courts.

The article below is an example of the exploitation of victimhood in an attempt of the Court Jester attempting to gain attention. The courts and media being that tools. Sad reality when that which stand and defends law is used to validate the falsified victims and perpetrators.

I guess being a dope fiend is not enough to shock the audience anymore. My question is, when we become neutralized by such efforts what is next? Are you going to commit crimes on video to get our attention. More important, why are we drawn to such bad narratives. They feed us what we want and some poll somewhere told them that this was the way.

We need to stop buy everything that is put in front of us. Especially when how it is being sold is the erosion of the institutions that makes us a civilized society. To think the story of real victims is being used for a Court Jester to our attention. They are all pigs and so many hold them to the esteem of a God.

This piece was inspired by this video

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