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More efforts to silence proof tellers

Interest how this is a UN declaration and not the Canadians governments. I guess the UN is weakening and about to end and this is why these clowns running Canada are positioning them as their scapegoat when this fails - it wasn't me.

With the UN show signed by erosion, we should all cheer that this is the end of globalization but we cannot allow for the ill intended to use them to hurt us and rebrand as a victim or saint when they fail.

Canadians do realize that these leaders work in the name of interest of the Persian 4th Reich. The pursuit of the Reich is hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors. Interest groups (woke culture) is the mercenaries pressuring institution and industry into complex change that will facilitate hereditary conquest.

Lets stop buying into the marketing and ensure the ill intended are held to accountability. Accountability does breed responsibility.

This peice was inspired by this article

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