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Milgram proved the influential value of a lab coat

Bring out the lab coats.

A neuroscientist from 2 of the leading Universities is showing people how to cope with what could be a colonization process. Accordance to the science, it is as simple as 3 question; who would have ever thought.

Now marry the influence of the lab coat with the reach of media, like Ted Talk and you got some puppet strings in the making. As Milgram proved in the Milgram Experiment, is that 80% of people are trusting and/or obedient to authority,

What this boils down to is the characterization of the concept change. What do they mean by change? Change for who and how? As stated in the article:

"Focusing on the opportunities you might gain — rather than

what you could lose — can help you better adapt to

unexpected challenges. Shankar learned that lesson from

experience, she said."

With gain over cost is that not to reduce self to a state of greed and/or ignorance?

Ignorant to what is the meaning of change? By change is it a new technological advancement or maybe a medical? Does change mean history, heritage, and identity.

The liability and risk is change at this point mean any of these questions asked above, it can even be representative of all in some form and fashion.

Instead of being blind to the world around you, it is time we start asking questions, asking for conceptualization, and most important, asking for proof.

I leave you with this question to consider. If we are the leaders of today, would change not represent a change in us on a core level?

This is a very dangerous game that is being suggested in this article linked below and the application offers nothing but a reframing of the audiences perceptions.


This piece was inspired by this article.

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