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Market pressures giving us no choice but to beg for a master

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

If complex social change is the pursuit. The key to obtainment is in the belief that decisions by the masses and the actions of the masses is what ushered in changed. If there is any doubt by the masses that is was not the masses that lead to change. Change is than short temporal in time and space.

We the masses hear their claims of equity and equality. We see the transference of resources, influence, and power. We feel out history, heritage, and culture eroding around us. We experience the effects of institutional failings. We fight against industrial shortcomings.

We do this in the name of hope and aspiration of tomorrow. We trust the claims and are mislead by the actions because we believe in the social contracts that have be structured through policy change. We continue to march to the beat of the beating drum in the of counterproductive outcomes,.

We trust those who hold the title of civil servant is true to role and responsibility. This blind trust has exposed the oppressed and less fortunate as a militia. Their interest and intent has come to be realized by most with any sense and the pursuit in not in our best interest.

With a plethora of approached failing at this point. Even going as far as war to reach such goals. They are now on their last leg. Their last option. Remember, we have to be the actors driving change.

Here we are hungry in all forms and fashions. We as a domestic population have been going through a state of attrition intended to break our will and transition into a global hereditary based system with volunteerism at the core of the labour market.

They have used interest group, viruses, failed institutions and broken financing, They have pandered to the greed of so many by paying for their ignorance. All that is left is to force the people into action but how do you get people to give up ownership but also control of self.

Make resources unobtainable. This is not an organic occurrence, this is an engineered outcome. Exploiting the fool into a militia like enlistment fighting against self. Drive by empathy and drawn into confused by way of the marriage of ignorance and arrogance.

I ask how does one grow a produce in an urban setting? They cannot. It is illegal in most cases. So how is one to find sustenance? Steal and kill for obtainment. These are the people who claim to represent and speak for the less fortunate. I guess the less fortunate is nothing more than an easy target of exploitation.

It will be these people who will be the first to beg for a master. It is we who must fight the temptation. This will not be easy but we must do in the name of generations to come and their access to upward mobility ensure obtainment of resources, influence, and power. Not for one but for all.

This piece was inspired by this article

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