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LMAO Weapons of Mass Destruction

Can people see past a headline?

Can people see the underlining assumptions of a claim?

Do people believe anything and everything they are told?

I was just watching a video on YouTube by AJ+ titles: How the Iraq war changed the world. I know, I know, it is a Islamic propaganda network but the subject was laughable at best especially when you know the truth.

I agree that it changed the world, the Islamic world in so much that it allowed for the unification of Islam into what is know as the Ummah. The larger Islamic community that moves synergistically towards shared pursuits.

The journalist positioned America as the bad guy attack for false claims of weapons on mass destruction. Anyone with awareness and sense knew that this was not a war rooted in weapons and power.

The Iraq war was a conflict rooted in economics and nations trying to use trade to manipulate global markets. One of those markets was currency and in particular American currency.

Iraq and Iran were about to start trading oil in Euros. Now America holding the petrodollar, and America's power drawn from economics, this is an act of war by Iraq, Iran, and NATO allies Europe.

Iraq being the weakest of the 3 America sought to set the record straight. It was not about winning a war as much as it was showing the world such an act of economic warfare will not be tolerated.

That is right ladies and gentlemen, we are at war with our NATO partners and this is why Europe is using nations like Turkey to position a bait and switch game gaining more socialist nations within the alliance.

Turn an international military organization that stands for the maintenance and expansion of democratic freedoms into a organization maintaining and expanding socialism...sounds very leftist.

Now back to the Ummah and Islamic unification stemming from the Iraq war. People need to understand that there is no longer conflict amongst Sunni's and Shia's and these radical groups are mercenaries of the Ummah.

When you here of Islamic conflict within Islamic nations is a bait and switch. Bait your empathetic sensibilities and switching into displacement and repositioning. The Ummah has set in motion an Islamic expansion project and conquering the west is part of it.

Gadhafi's death was America releasing the radical hounds onto Europe for attempting to engage in economic warfare and Islam seen it as an opportunity to expand the Caliphate.

This is proven with the international organization known as OIC or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. So when you see Muslims attacking Muslims it is engineering displacement and relocating to exploitable democracies.

This is quiet conquest and victimhood is the means to an ends. Radical killing their own in order to set the stage of mobilization and have the enemy pay for it. I ask you this, when a communist leader takes power the first thing they do is kill millions of their own. How many can be sacrificed to death in order to obtain power in the first place?

That sacrifice to gain power is what we are watching with these fraudulent Islamic conflict like Syria and Afghanistan. I leave you with this question, if you keep importing those with a master, how long will it take for their master to become yours?

There was no weapons of mass destruction just Islam and Europe thought they could render an economic attack on America and they would sit there and say thank you.

So Iraq was turned to rubble, and Europe has turned into a shithole, I guess all that is left is to end Iran and by extension the hereditary form of Islam, that being Shia Islam.

Soon peace and tranquility will be experienced by all. Let God drop bombs from the clouds and end this ill intended interventionist and move into the 21st century the way the world needs and wants to - peacefully.

This piece was inspired by this Video

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