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LMAO Rebranding anyone

LMAO these are the communities that claimed words are weapons and statements are violence, Is this a joke or a threshold test evaluating the idiocy of the general public

Incredible how those who screamed and had tantrums demanding the muzzling of speech yesterday are now the posterchild of free speech today. Like Ukraine, a totalitarian nation, being the played off as the last bastion of freedom. Those who tried regulating use yesterday are the bastions of freedom today.

Are people as gullible as media and these civil society groups think they are?

All will be forgotten with a wave of the magic marketers wand. Voila the ill intended is now looking out for you, Or at least you think so. To think that these communities have spent decades pressuring and exhausting institutions and all will be forgotten. At least until your children are confronted with these communities tomorrow.

Civil society is the enemy of state and man. The faster people realize this the faster we as a whole can seek resolution. They are the frontline for international organization such as the Global Centre for Pluralism that are using interest group members to usher in complex social change. Change who and for what reason?

I feel for the members of these communities. They are enslaved by their community leaders and their communities leaders have been taking out non-repayment loans. These loans are non-usury loans and as such these community members are the assets put up against the money.

Their actions are debt repayment. The saddest part is that most do not even realize what they have enlisted to, Making matters worse is the fact that their community leaders probably did not even let the community members smell the money that was generated off the backs of these people.

I will quote the founder of the centre for pluralism: Western ignorance and greed are our greatest weapon". Basically this institution has been pandering to the fools greed by paying for their ignorance. This is the institution responsible for the fracturing us into factions and than funding the fools into acting as militias of pursuant.

The pursuit of civil societies master as stated by him is: "hereditary control of the religious and secular authority...with a volunteer based labour market". Can anyone tell me how this differentiates from enslavement?

So interest groups through funding have come together under a banner labelled civil society. Through civil society, these interest group communities have pressured institutions and resources to a point of exhaustion. How is this now destruction leading for foreign colonialization.

All for a paycheck. Lets wake up and come together because our new master will soon be upon us thank to civil society. It is up to us to ensure that does not take place. This is about upward mobility for generations to come.

Don't you want you grandchild to be whatever they set their heart and mind to?

Lets not take that opportunity away from them for little more than pocket change.

To know more about Civil Society and the Centre for Global Pluralism checkout The Why Perspective

This Piece was inspired by this article

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