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Lies from the Ukrainian conflict

In April Ukraine had set record levels of exported food(s) so don't buy into the garbage being pushed bellow. This is just another excuse for the failings of our leaders driving inflation.

I would like to know how America just accepted a $40 billion dollar aid package for Ukraine while rejecting a $48 billion recovery aid package for American small and midrange business.

Ukraine is nothing more than a civil society money funnel stealing from us all. The conflict is a bait and switch leader our enemy to position their allies within our multilateral international military organization - NATO. Our enemies are destroying us from the inside and they are achieving it by way of infiltration of every institution. If infiltration is not possible the enemy uses civil society to pressure our institutions into strain and exhaustion.

We are being colonized and we as the domestic population is going to a war of attrition. If your leader is a globalist would that not make the domestic population with a sense of statehood the enemy?

Think about that for a moment as our future and your unborn grandchildren's upward mobility depends on it. Generations prior put more than blood, sweat, and tears on the line. They were will to die in the name of their responsibility and future prospects.

What is your social responsibility?

This piece was inspired by this article

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