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Liberal Nazi Puppet

The article linked below is a story of an adult white male who accosted a 12 year old interest group member.

What does it cost to get a liberal Nazi Muppets to do this in order to create a narrative.

What is it? Is it rent money? is it reduced sentencing? Is it drugs?

What does it cost to sell self, freedom, and others down this shallow stream of self destruction.

Just another attack on our institutions by way of the Persian 4th Reich using its interests groups communities and liberal Nazi mercenaries to achieve their create opportunity and pursue and desired end-state.

Canadians are the right mix of ignorance married with arrogance driven by empathetic reasoning to buy these staged events.

As the leader of the Persian 4th Reich has stated: "If you do not understanding events in their principle form, your ability to anticipate outcomes is seriously hindered".

Canadians are proving to be lost. Just look at our frontline patriots. They are screaming freedom while marching into enslavement. This is because they have villains as hero's acting as Pied Pipers marching them right of a cliff.

I am mesmerized by the stupidity of our world and the waste it is laying behind it.

I leave you with a point of reality that needs to be realized before it is to late and people start crying as transition take control of them.

Culture is a resources and like all resources is intended to compete for market dominance and supremacy. Shame so many are will to throw away theirs for another. Saddest part is, they are choosing to conform and identify with identifies of enslavement.

The cost of seeing a slave as your master, making you less than a slave.

To Canadians in particular but westerners at large. Take a knee your new master is soon to arrive.

This piece was inspired by this article

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