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Liberal Nazi Disrespect

The Chatham's cenotaph was vandalized with blue Swastikas. You disrespect the memory of the victors who were lost in combat? That is the acts of sore losers.

It is bad enough that the Persians through the interest have romanticized Nazism. I guess socialism sound sweet when you are being offered a sales pitch. Did they tell you that ownership is held by a collective while you take what is offered.

I ask, at what point and for what reason might a centralized authority of resources decide to institute restrictions or limit access by the people for a given resource?

Sharing is carry and these people don't give a damn about any of us. A perfect example is social welfare. Most think this is a act of kindness and aid. The only reason for the offering is the equability of the offering itself. What do you think the cost of financial management and payment methods and processes cost? I bet it is more than that which is given.

Lets not be fooled, lets not march to the Pied Pipers tune or at least step back and be willing to question the tune and the march prior to joining in lockstep.

So many are falling prey to a bait and switch. Rebranding is in full swing and so many are screaming the slogans and marching to the trends that those rebranding are paying marketers for.

Who knew you could wish death on people and use social idiots to pillage but in 6 months to a year you can turn your villainous identity. If you pay for a premium marketers package you can rebrand into a saint.

I say this because the vandalism on Chatham's cenotaph is an example of the branding process. The left, a social group, is attempting to define the right as nationalist Nazi.

Nazi's are the big bad wolf of history.

Here is a little secret about characterizations. Traits are of no use of value if they fail to distinguish one from another. There are 2 characteristics that define a Nazi. Many will be screaming fascist right about now. Nazi are not fascist that was Mussolini and the Italians.

First, Nazi's are nationalist. This is the trait that the left likes to exploit as a tool to define or brand the right as Nazi's. Nationalism as a characteristic of the Term fails to differentiate a Nazi from any patriot around the world. So an Indian with a sense of statehood is a Nazi? A African with a sense of statehood is a Nazi? The Chinese with a sense of statehood is a Nazi?

Second, is socialist. That is right, a Nazi is a socialist not a fascist. So if you are a social that would characterize you as a Nazi. Now does socialist make a distinction that is capable of categorizing one from another. I believe this is it. A Nazi is a socialist and a socialist is a Nazi; at least from a branding standpoint.

Who is the socialist between the tribes of left and right? It is the left; by George I think we got it. So this is the actions of the leftist Nazi's, not as an expression of self and ideology but as a branding tool, staging the optics for media to run the ad campaign.

This is what needs to be regulated in our society. This is experiential marketing and I think outside of the radicals on both sides we are all getting sick of this nonsense. It is for us to become aware of such applications and how it is that our perceptions are being framed, our responses are being guided, and our expressions being stimulated.

I can only hope that I help in this process. I know I am censored into the abyss. This is the life and cost of truth.

This piece was inspired by this article

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